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Hi CarlaWe are very happy to present our work for you. We are very busy people and the time has been limited. But we have done our very best.It has been very interesting using the Moodle and Bubbleshare media and we have had great fun finding out who you were.When you arrive in
Denmark we will bee at your service, so don’t hesitate to ask anything from us.
We are looking forward to seeing you and hope that you will enjoy your stay in
  We have been looking at the pictures from
Miami and think they are very nice and that you have some sweet-looking children.

Mystery guest!

Mystery guest

Hi, everybody.

I just heard you live in Grenaa. That’s perfect because I’m planning a trip to your place and need some help for my trip. I need to book a hotel, but I’m from a developing country, so our money is devalued in relation to yours. So, I couldn’t be in a very fancy hotel. Just a decent one. Also, as I’m attending a convention there, I’ll spend two days after the seminar to get to know your city. Could you give me some advice on what to visit, restaurants to go, and typical food that I should try?

Now, you must be wondering who I am, right? What about a guessing game?

As I told you, I’m from a developing country surrounded by Spanish speaking people. However, I do not speak Spanish!
In my country, in general, people are very friendly and love to dance. Can you imagine the type of traditional dance there?
I just moved from my country to the US. Now, I’m living on the southernmost island in the USA, in Florida. Have you ever heard about this city? It’s very popular and people from all over come here for some fun.
I have two kids, Caio (4) and Dudu, short for Eduardo (6). How old do you think I am?
I love to be around people and help them. So, my profession is a very dynamic one. I work a lot during the day and, many times, at night. My job is never-ending. It demands lots of preparation. English is essential for my job. What do I do?

Well, I hope to hear from you soon with your plans for my trip and I want to see how much you can guess about me!

Your Mystery Guest

Welcome to Everyday English at CV2

Welcome to our new workspace!What can happen if your English is not quite good enough? Click on the video below.


We will be using voicemail. Why not try it now and learn how it works.

We will be practicing telephone technique and presentation technique.

What do you think of this answering machine message?

Answering machine message

What about this presentation?